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AppifyWP Coupon

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An Overview of AppifyWP

Creating ideas of developer make our world modern.  Our modern world depends on modern technology. All of our today’s works are wed based.  In our today’s technical world, it’s hardly possible to have a people who have no smart phone.  A simple smart phone can make the large world too small to a human. Every smart phone has a lot of apps. Apps are just like softwares for a particular purpose with a self-control program. Day by day app developer creates a great number of apps with different feature. They are so fantastic, curious and wonderful. Every App developer needs an online presence to promote his app. In that case Word Press theme like AppifyWP is the great one. Without typing any code, anyone can create his website and it’s also customize as his own wish. It’s quickly gives your app a nice look and increase the attraction to the user. If you liked the overview of AppifyWP, then purchase it from our site with the discount and coupon. No other coupon code is need here.

The Main Functions

By a wonderful Word Press like Appify, the excitement and eagerness of people for any app can be fulfilled. This theme supports multiple apps. For professional app developers this is a majestic WP theme. By creating landing pages this WP helps an app developer to promote their apps. You can enjoy all the functions of this product at a much reasonable price with our coupon service.

The features under AppifyWP:

Multiple Platforms and Hybrid App Support

Both AppifyWP single and AppifyWP pro can support more than one platform. It’s 5 up to 9. So it has the ability for each platform to add a slideshow and video. It also has special templates for several devices, like Android, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, Blackberry Phone, Mac book Air Screen, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet and so on.

Responsive Design:  AppifyWP theme automatically adapts to any device. So any visitor can see a wonderful and attractive Screen on his device.  This theme gives every app a gorgeous outlook. AppifyWP knows the eagerness and excitement of user about any app.

Socially Built In: Using any social links like Facebook, twitter and Google+ user can see the AppifyWP theme including an icon to every link. Before promoting an app through networks Developer must be sure that visitor could see and use the app perfectly using various browsers. This will ensure by the AppifyWP theme.

Endless options to customize

There are a lot of options by using which, one can make his website custom and unlike others.  This customizable ability is given to the user by the settings page.  Users can change header, footer, backgrounds, colors, fonts and so on. Using different template and URL one’s theme is totally different than other.

Moreover, in today’s world though building an app may take a long time, but promoting that app by building a website takes a few minutes with  the help of Word Press themes like AppifyWP.

So, have the coupon and discount in order to avail the benefits of this product cheaply. We hope you are satisfied with the AppifyWP coupon.