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ApPHP Review

While controlling any site with full activities, the site owners need to occupy some terms. To manage the back end section of any site, ApPHP AdminPanel is a helpful platform. If you are an administrator or the website owner, then you can use this tool to handle every single activity of your site from the admin panel section. It offers the users to maintain the tracking process of every single product from any e-commerce site. Besides, the user registration process, mail functions, news feed section can easily be handled through this. In case of editing or deleting all the available products from your site, all the helpful categories are offered here.

Task of this program

ApPHP AdminPanel assures the users to control the needed features under any site. To manage your dynamic website with the flexible database management process, some user-friendly functions are offered here. It embeds the PHP DataGrid section with any site. In fact; the CRUD operation that means Creating, Updating, Reading as well as the Deleting the needed records in the database tables can be handled here through this. To edit the available options under any site, all the supportive activities are issued here. In case of managing the administrator account with the needed information, a supportive category is offered in ApPHP AdminPanel and it can be configured easily.

The Active Productivity of ApPHP AdminPanel

To control the PHP database based website with the needed functions, ApPHP AdminPanel is an excellent one tool. To handle the back end section of the existing site, it affords a specific category. In case of data administration process, it offers the online based terms. To assure the content management term according to your own choice, you will get some options with the custom mode. In case of moving the static HTML based content into the dynamic website, this is very innovative.

Available packages and pricing condition

ApPHP AdminPanel offers three packages. These are Basic, Advanced and Pro. The Basic package offers only some limited facilities. Inside the Advanced package, some more professional facilities and conditions are offered. The Basic package is offered freely. To get the Advanced package, you need to pay only $38.90. In case of getting the Pro package, you will be asked only $78.90. Inside this package, all the available features are offered. It assures a wide range of facilities like managing the static and dynamic page, DataGrid pages, link pages, panel dashboard, password encryption process; CSS based template, admin controlling system, SMTP mailer etc. Besides, multi-browser supporting issue, event or error logging case, various language supporting condition and multi dashboard condition are available here also. For getting the up-gradation process for 1 year, you will be asked only $16.90.