Anyplace Control Software Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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Some kinds of PC software are very easy to use. For example, most of the users do not feel difficulties to handle the media players, security tools and speedup utilities. But generally some of the software are not that much easy to handle. One of such solution is the remote desktop software.

Features and Review of Anyplace Control

This kind of products of most of the brands is powerful and relatively difficult to use. But you will be happy to use the Anyplace Control. This remote desktop software can be used by even new computer users without problems. And the features of this product are really powerful. Let’s see some of the main features and advantages of this impressive software:

Remote PC Monitoring

This software has the ability to display the screen of the remote computers on the screen of any local computer. And from the local computer, Anyplace Control will let you use those remote PCs. To do so, you can use your own mouse and keyboards. File transferring tasks can also be done by this solution. So, among the remote and local PCs, all the necessary files can be transferred. Anyplace Control does not need the router configuration for connecting with new IPs. It has the ability to make connection with all the dynamic IPs.

Amazing Pricing Plans

Three main editions of the Anyplace Control remote desktop software are available. Price of each of those is attractive and reasonable. The Basic Edition of this is a free plan for 1-4 licenses. But if you want to use this on more than 4 remote PCs, then $17.95 should be paid for each of those. This product does not offer the connection to the online account.

Premium Plan of the Anyplace Control is most popular. To purchase this only for one computer, you have to pay $48.95 as of the time of writing this post. Volume discounts are offered in this plan. Suppose, you need to get it for 5 different computers. In that case, the unit cost will be 21.95 USD only. Similarly for 10 accounts, the price per host PC is 17.95 USD. The Helpdesk edition of this software has come with some affordable plans also.

Chatting and Messaging

One of the most impressive features of the Anyplace Control is can establish communication between users. This communication will be real time based. So you can communicate with the remote users by instant messaging or voice chatting. That means, after installing this software, you don’t have to install the Skype or other messaging apps.

The Anyplace Control is perfect for remote power management of the computers. By accessing this one, you can easily shutdown the targeted computer or reboot that remotely. In your corporate network, you can easily install the host module remotely with the help of this solution.