Anti DDoS Guardian Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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Anti DDoS Guardian is considered as a DDoS protection tool for the Windows server section and it is managed with the high-performance system. It occupies the users to stop the DoS attacks while including the SYN attack, UDP food, TCP food, Layer attack, ICMP food and the related terms. It holds the users to manage the network flows, UDP based packet rate, client bandwidth, the client connection number etc.

Anti DDoS Guardian Review

Anti DDoS Guardian can easily be deployed on the Windows server machine. It can be applied almost in all types of Windows OS like Windows XP, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010 and for every version there exist the 32 bit and 64-bit functionalities. Besides, the new version of this tool adds the system to control the UDP flows. Due to having this facility, Anti DDoS Guardian can simply protect the DNS server in case of attack by DNS application.

Why this tool?

Anti DDoS Guardian holds some essential conditions in case of managing the blocking process of country-based IP address. To stop the post and get attacks from slow HTTP response, it is very helpful. Then, it can also stop the Layer 7 attack process. Them, it also holds the system to stop bandwidth attack in a comfortable way. In case of protecting the connection process of remote desktop, it allows some needed terms.

Active facilities inside Anti DDoS Guardian

One of the best features of Anti DDoS Guardian is the networking flow management issue. Besides, you can also manage the TCP connection process. It provides some essential term to limit the client bandwidth using policy, TCP connection based number, connection rate and other terms. Then, the task of controlling the UDP flow can also be handled. It can simply limit the UDP bandwidth, UDP based packet rate, connection rate and so on. In case of blocking the certain IP addresses or any specific range of addresses, some tools can be observed here. The firewall protection system is also available here by depending on the protocol, ports and IP factors. This program also adds a tool to the white list and blacklist. Here, some specific address can be listed in the blacklist section in case of any need. This option can be configured easily from the admin panel section. Then, it is also supportive for arranging various IP list formulas like htaccess, Apache’s etc. This IP list will be updated in an automatic way. Then, the best one term is the networking section monitoring process with real-time activity with the needed information.

Pricing issue

To get the full license of Anti DDoS Guardian, you will be asked only $99.95. Within this license, you will get free up-gradation policy for a single year.