Check Anti DDoS Guardian Review : Get Awesome Pricing

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Do you know about the BeeThink Software Company? Probably you do because this is a very popular company. Some unique and useful products are offered by this company. Various kinds of computer users may need this these products. One of the most important products of this company is the Anti DDoS Guardian.

Review of Anti DDoS Guardian

Simply this software can work against the DDoS attacks. The DDoS attack is more harmful than the Denial of Service or DoS attack. And this one has various classifications. For stopping these, you have to choose a powerful solution like the Anti DDoS Guardian of BeeThink Software. Here are some features of this advanced software:

Stops Attacks and Floods

The DDoS attack may cause several types of floods which made your server engaged in quick time. Some of those are the UDP, TCP and SYN floods. The Anti DDoS Guardian can work against all those with high efficiency. Similarly, it can stop the bandwidth attacks also. The number of network flow number should be managed along with the TCP connection number.

The management console of this BeeThink software will do these tasks nicely. This software will let you block all the IP addresses of specific countries. And it will also allow you to block any range of the IP addresses. That means this tool is helpful for focusing on the targeted traffics.

Other Advanced Features

The Anti DDoS Guardian has achieved huge popularity due to some advanced features. This software has the efficient firewall protection. It will let you create a black list and white list for the IP addresses. It also has the capability to track the user information about any of the remote addresses. Automatic IP updating is another impressive feature of the Anti DDoS Guardian. You don’t have to face much difficulty to run this software. It can be run just as other Windows services. From Windows 8 to all the other older versions of that OS are supported by this product.

Different Pricing Plans

Mainly the unit price of this product is only 99.95 USD as of the date of writing this post. May be this price has been already attracted to you. But the volume discount prices will attract you more. If you purchase 2 licenses of Anti DDoS Guardian, then the unit cost will be reduced to 79.95 USD. More impressive options are there for higher number of licenses.

For purchasing 3-5 products at the same time, you have to pay 69.95 for each. Similarly, for 11-30 licenses, the necessary unit cost will be 49.95 USD only. And for more than 30 licenses, the price per unit will be 39.95 USD. After purchasing the license, the update facility will be available for one year. And you can also enjoy the trial version of it for 5 days.