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Discount for Antamedia Print Manager

Antamedia Print Manger Review

You will be able to find various types of software and tools for your personal computer and for the computers which you use in your office. But very few companies provide software and tools for the computers which are used in the cyber café. One of those companies is the Antamedia which is very popular also. Antamedia Print Manager is a very useful product which has tons of very essential features. Let’s discuss about the main features of this innovative software. Also get Antamedia Print Manager coupon while purchasing it. The discount coupon will definitely help to get this at cheaper price.

Key Features and Benefits of This Tool

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to manually calculate the customer usage of the printers. If you use Antamedia Print Manager then it will help you in this task. It can be used not to calculate the usage of the printers, but also to calculate the costs per user. All the 4 available versions of this product can be used to set the price for printing each page and all of those are perfect for use on the Windows computers. You can use this software to manage the print jobs as you want. You can pause the printing and resume those later with the help of this software.

You can set the languages for the printing jobs by using the built in tools of this product of Antamedia. Templates are very important for the printing tasks and that is why this software has some built in templates. You can use those templates and even you can create new templates by using this innovative software of Antamedia.

The Lite version of this software can be used for managing 2 printers, where the Standard, Premium and Corporate version has the capability to manage maximum 5, 10 and unlimited number of printers respectively. Except the Lite version, other 3 versions of this product of Antemedia have the schedule managing capability. By using the Premium and Corporate edition, you will be able to set up the working hours for the printing jobs. Most important features of all the versions of Antamedia Print Manager is you can use this product for working with any types of printers.

Point of Sale Lite Edition

Different types of software companies provide different types of products. Some companies provide multimedia and protection tools for personal computers and on the other hand, some companies provide products for helping your business. The Antamedia Company provides some innovative products which are very helpful for enhancing various types of businesses. One of the most popular and important products of this company is the Antamedia Point of Sale which are used by many business organizations.

This product of Antamedia has different editions. Each of the editions can deal with different numbers of POS point. The Lite edition has the capability to work with single POS terminal. The main function of this product is to help you to maintain all the details about the sales of your business organizations. Most of the time it is seen that the businessmen and shopkeepers face many problems to keep the record of the sales, details of the customers and other details related to the business. To handle these things, Antamedia Point of Sale – Lite Edition can be used. It is perfect for working with the computers which are operated by any version of Windows OS.

Print Manager with Discount

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