Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

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Antamedia is the software company which creates and provides several software and tools for the cyber café, medical centers, shopping mall owners and the owners of other organizations. There should not be any doubt about the quality of the products of this brand because all the products of Antamedia are highly popular all across the world because of their high quality and tons of features. Antamedia bandwidth manager is a very strong product of this company and this software can be used in any type of business organizations.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Review

Sometimes it can be very urgent to control the internet usages of the users of the network. You can set the limit for their downloading and uploading for maintaining the top speed and performance of the network all the time. Like all the other products of the Antamedia, the Bandwidth Manager is also compatible with the Windows 7 & Vista. The important thing about this product is you don’t have to install any client software for using this. Considering the number of connections in your network, you have to choose the package or edition of this product.

The Lite edition of it can be used to control maximum 20 connections simultaneously. The Standard edition is for 50 connections, Premium edition is for 100 connections and the Enterprise edition can be used for controlling the unlimited number of connections.

Features and Benefits of This Software

If you use this product properly then you will be able to set up restrictions for downloading and uploading and that is why more users can be allowed to your network. So you will be benefited more. Even you can also set the daily limit for the internet usage with the help of Antamedia Bandwidth Manager. Sometimes it is seen that the unwanted person can the internet connection by logging in with an account of your network. You can solve this problem with the help of the Antamedia Bandwidth Manager.

New accounts can be created by using this software and the account name and passwords can be protected also. It is very important to monitor the online activities of the users for ensuring that they are not doing any illegal work. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager will help you to monitor all the online activities of the users of your network. This product will provide you the report on the internet usage of your users so that you will be able to know who uses the internet more than others. It is also very helpful for making and keeping the network safe.

Trial Version of This Software

Antamedia offers the free trial version of this product. You will be able to learn the features and capabilities of this product by using the trial version. The trial version can be upgraded to licensed version anytime you want.