AmeriGlide Accessibility Solutions Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Some accessories are there which are very important, but not offered by so many companies. For an example, we may need various types of lift solutions in our daily life. You can find some of the lifts in your local market. But it is not possible always to find out all of those at a same store. But there are some online store which can solve this issue. AmeriGlide is one of those stores.

AmeriGlide Accessibility Solutions

A Small Review on the AmeriGlide

This store is well-known for various types of stair and vertical lifts. At the same time, it also offers various types of wheelchair lifts and pool lifts. Some main products available here are:

Rave Stair Lift

One of the finest products of the AmeriGlide is the Rave Stair Lift. To be factual, stair lifts are very much useful for the multi-level homes. But in many cases it is seen that after setting such lifts, the stairs become very narrow. It is an even bigger problem for the already narrow shaped stairs.

For solving this problem, the Rave Stair Lift has come with very narrow design. It will take approximately 11 inches of the stairs. Worm rack system has been integrated in this tool. That is why, it can carry up to 350 pounds very easily. This self-installable product has the batter powered facility. AmeriGlide will include the basic installation with this guide, so you will face no problem to install and used this. It has both the flip-up seat and swivel seat.

Elite Residential Elevator

Sometimes you may need to use the elevator instead of the stair lifts in your multi-level home. In those cases, the AmeriGlide Elite Residential Elevator can be recommended. It is perfect for the elderly people or the people who are physically disabled. It can be used for travelling maximum 50 feet. And it can travel with 950lb weight. It will be suitable for any kind of home because of its stunning design and customizable look.

Jazzy Sport 2

Power Wheelchairs are the best attractions of the AmeriGlide. In this category, Jazzy Sport 2 is very much popular item. It has come with multi-layer powder coated frame. The top speed of this electric chair is 3.7 miles per hour, which is very much comfortable. It can be used by a maximum 300lb individual. There are so many other electric chairs of other brands. But this one has the same functionality, but the price of this one is comparatively low.

Comfortable Pricing Option

You don’t have to worry that much about the pricing of the AmeriGlide products. Depending on your locations, the shipping fee will be added to the product price. For the Rave Stair Lift of this company, you just have to pay $2,146 as per 26 August 2016. Similarly, the Elite Residential Elevator is also available for a reasonable price. It can be purchased with only $14,708. Cost of the Jazzy Sport 2, the necessary price will be 1,600 USD only. Pricing of these AmeriGlide products can be considered as very attractive compare to the features of those products.