AlstraSoft Software Solution Review: Get an Amazing Pricing

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All the software companies do not offer the same product. But it is true that each of those is doing business. So becoming benefited is the most important to those. On the other hand, customer satisfaction is very important for all the companies. Otherwise, they will not able to sell their products. Some companies are offering some common products with new and improved features. And some are there to offer some unique, but urgent types of software.

 Review of AlstraSoft Products

You can consider the AlstraSoft as the company of the second category. The unique tools of this have attracted so many customers. Here are some main products and bundles of this company.


EPay Enterprise Software

You may be looking for such solution which will help you to run an online payment system like PayPal or others. In doing so, you can choose the EPay Enterprise of the AlstraSoft. This is an advanced edition of EPay series of this company.  It can be compared with the PayPal though this one has more features. It supports deposits and withdrawals of various payment gateways. Some of the supported gateways are NetPay, PayPal, GoldMoney, and others. Multiple language support is another good feature of this product.

E-Friends Social Network

This is another very impressive software offered by the AlstraSoft. It will help you to create a social media website like Facebook. Bought this product supports multiple themes. So you can change the look of your social media site anytime. Various email importer facility have made this very powerful product. For the users of your site, you can offer the password forget system. They will also be able to customize their profiles in their own ways.

Mobile Social Network App

Various PHP based clone scripts and software are offered by AlstraSoft. Among those, the Mobile Social Network App is one of the bests. This product can be used for generating social community network based on the mobile application. It will let the users share their posts and status. They can also upload the YouTube videos on their newsfeed. And the photos and locations of them can also be shared.

Completely Reasonable Pricing

It can be said that the pricing of each of the products of AlstraSoft is completely reasonable. For example, the price of the E-Friends Software is only 99 USD. By paying this, you can get the 5.12 version of this social networking software.

Similarly, the Mobile Social Network App can be purchased for only $350 as per the date of creating this post. Cost for the EPay Enterprise software is only $240. But with this, you can get the ProLink Theme Addon. In that case, an additional 185 USD should be paid. Just like the individual products, AlstraSoft offers cost-effective product bundles.

One of the best bundles is the Ultimate Package which can be bought by 499 USD only. This one includes all the products of this company. One year free updates will be provided for all the products also.