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Alicommerce Discount

Alicommerce Review and Features

Creating online stores are the main target of many business newcomers. Due to availability of products and ease of maintenance, these businesses are hotcakes now. There are various types of online stores. You can see in some stores that AliExpress products are available. Actually, AliExpress products are reliable and have very good quality. That is why, you can also create online stores by using such products. For doing that, Alicommerce can be very helpful. This powerful plugin can easily convert any WordPress site into powerful online shop. So purchase Alicommerce with the discount coupon. You can save some good money by using the Alicommerce coupon. Following features of this tool are the reasons why it can be highly recommended:

Easy Importing System

We all know that one of the biggest ecommerce portals of this world is AliExpress. There are many reasons why this portal is very much popular. For example, products are available here at very cheap pricing. And this ecommerce portal delivers products with free shipping facility over the world. Alicommerce is such a WP plugin which can import various products from AliExpress directly. For importing such things, it will not force you to face any kind of difficulty. Manual product adding system has not been integrated into this tool. It can be used for adding even hundreds of items at a time. And for doing so, you just have to provide few mouse clicks. That is why Alicommerce is time saving and interesting to work with.

Product Customization Facility

Advanced search option has made this product more powerful. Sometimes, you may need to add specific items to your online shop. In those cases, smart search engine of Alicommerce will be very useful. It can find out the desired list of goods very quickly. For each of those, it can be necessary to upload images and to create categories. This amazing plugin can do these tasks automatically. Similarly, it can also build product attributes without any manual processes. One of the finest features of Alicommerce is product customization facility. For this feature, it can be necessary to customize title and description of all selected items. Before adding to Woocommerce, this plugin will also let you customize categories. Sometimes, schedule for products may be required. This task can also be done by this tool.

Multiple Pricing Plans and Discount

Alicommerce has two different plans and each of those are cost effective. For Single Site license of this, you just have to pay 29 USD. It can be used on one domain with lifetime update facility. All time support will also be provided to the customers of this license. If you want to use this plugin with unlimited domains, then Developer License can be recommended. As of 14 December 2016, cost of this license is only 39 USD without the discount. It can be used for unlimited campaigns. That means, you can use this Alicommerce license for personal uses as well as professional uses. Compare the pricing, feature of this plugin is truly awesome.

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