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Agile .net Code Protection Review

Sometimes, we can see that the .NET assemblies have been modified by the others very easily. The main reason behind this is the code creators do not use active protection for those. And the IP thefts are also problems for the security of those codes. If you want to make the .NET assemblies completely protected, then you can use the Agile .net Code Protection. This is one of the finest products of the Secure Team Company.  You can get Agile .net Code Protection with the discount coupon. Just follows the instructions above and enjoy the Agile .net Code Protection coupon. Here are the top features of this useful product:

Impressive Code Virtualization

Among the various features of the Agile .net Code Protection, code virtualization is one of the bests. Sometimes, you may need to convert the MSIL codes into virtual opcodes. In those cases, the code virtual virtualization feature will be very helpful. Very secure virtual machine has been included in this product. This virtual machine has the ability to process the protected code directly. This product has very powerful code encryption facility. All the MSIL codes will be strongly protected by this solution. After the encryption, this product can save those codes into very secured storage. And similarly, this product can handle the decryption of the MSIL codes. Agile .net Code Protection actually uses only one decryption method at a time. That is why, secured environment will be maintained all the times.

Various Brilliant Facilities

The Agile .net Code Protection has come with various types of great facilities. One of those is the cross assembly. It is helpful for the external references renaming. This feature is important for increasing the renamed constructions. Method Call Obfuscation is another very impressive feature of this product. For replacing the calls to external members, this facility can be used. Sometimes, you may need to hide the code flows of the programs. In those cases, the control flow obfuscation feature of Agile .net Code Protection will help you. It is not desired to make the assemblies lengthy. That is why you have to combine all those into a single file. In doing this task, assembly merging feature of this product will help you.

Reasonable Pricing Option and Discount

Pricing of the Agile .net Code Protection is one of the reasons why this product is very popular. According to 25 September 2016, the price of this product is only 795 USD excluding the discount. So comparing with the features, this pricing can be considered as completely reasonable. With all the standard features, some advanced features have also been included in this product. For example, this product has the entity renaming facility. That is why, you can easily rename the metadata symbols like class and properties. And Agile .net 6.4 Code Protection also makes irreversible names for the parameter names. That means, your codes will be completely protected from the editing and IP theft.

In conclusion, purchase the amazing Agile .net Code Protection with the coupon. We are looking ahead to see to you enjoy the Agile .net Code Protection discount.