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The license available are:

Advanced TIFF Editor Personal, Business, Site & others

Advanced TIFF Editor Plus Personal, Business, Site & others

Advanced TIFF Editor Discount

Edit & Convert TIFF files

If you are a graphic designer then you must know about the image files of the TIFF or TIF formats. Such files cannot be edited easily without the help of very powerful editor software. Another considerable thing is even the powerful image editor tools cannot deal with the TIFF files. So all you need is to use specialist TIFF editor software like the Advanced TIFF Editor. This product has some advanced features. The basic and plus editions of this TIFF editor are available. Each of these editions has some similar features and some differences. We have highlighted most of those below. Also make sure not to forget to have Advanced TIFF Editor discount and coupon.

Key Features of This Product

One of the common features of both the Basic and Plus Plan of this product is the capability of handling all types of TIFF files and the files of other formats like the PDF, DCS, GIP, and PS etc. The editing capability of this product is very much impressive. You can insert various types of pages and on the other hand it will let you remove several pages very easily from the targeted files. Sometimes you may need to add various types of texts to the TIFF or TIF files. Advanced TIFF Editor will let you add those and customize those by changing the sizes, rotating and splitting. It can be used for extracting the pages and inverting those in different styles.

For the multipage printing, this product is very much efficient. Similarly, it is very helpful for the multipage scanning. For editing the graphic images, it has the crop tools and the image resizer tools. You can use the zoom tool with which the pages and files can zoom in or out. The highlighter tool of this tool will help you to highlight different parts of the TIFF files very easily. Various measurement tools have been added in this product and with those tools you will be able to edit the files more efficiently.

TIFF Editor Plus and Discount Coupon

Though all the above features are also present in the Advanced TIFF Editor Plus, this edition has some additional features also. Some additional tools have made this edition more powerful. One of those tools is the Webcam Capture tool which can be used for dealing with those files which have been captured by the webcams. Booklet tool is also a great advantage of this product. It can work with the virtual printers very easily. It can work faster than the normal version of the Advanced TIFF Editor. The stacked pages can be customized by the Plus Edition of this product. The price of the personal and business licenses of Plus Edition is $55 and $89 as of October 20, 2014. On the other hand the prices of the personal and business licenses of the basic edition are $49 and $79 only.

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