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Advanced PBX Data Logger Discount

Review of Advanced PBX Data Logger

There should be no doubt that the AGGsoftware is one of the unique software companies. The main reason of this company’s popularity is it offers very useful but rare products. One of the finest products of this brand is the Advanced PBX Data Logger. PBX or Private Business Exchange is a telephone switching center. It is owned by a private business company. For capturing the data from the PBX, you can use this product of the AGGsoftware Company. There are many features which can be found with this software. Purchase Advanced PBX Data Logger with the discount coupon. This Advanced PBX Data Logger coupon will be pretty helpful in getting the product at a lower price. Some of those are:

The Main Features

For working with any kind of call accounting system, Advanced PBX Data Logger is very useful. You can easily add your server along with all the necessary server items. After that you have to select the PBX data type you want to deal with. And then all these data will be logged perfectly by this impressive solution. This software is capable of working with the CDR and SMDR data very fine. Advanced PBX Data Logger has the ability to work with 78 different vendors with custom configuration facility. Useful data recovery and visualization facilities have made this software highly user friendly.

Advanced PBX Data Logger

Licenses and Pricing and Discount

The pricing facilities have made the Advanced PBX Data Logger more impressive. Like the other products of the same brand, this one also has the Standard and Professional Licenses. The more attractive thing is, this company offers 5 different Enterprise Edition. One of those is for only 1 PBX which is available for 145 USD only excluding the discount. Similarly, you can purchase this product for 2 to unlimited PBX. For unlimited PBX, the Enterprise Edition of this software is available for 999 USD.

Both the Standard and Professional Editions of Advanced PBX Data Logger are available for 1 PBX. Standard edition supports unlimited extensions and it can be purchased by 85 USD only. Price of the Enterprise Edition is only 280 USD. This one has come with 48 extensions support. Various reporting tools have also been included in this.

Various Plugin Facilities

The Professional Edition of the Advanced PBX Data Logger supports various impressive plugins. Some of those are data export and some of those are event plugins. Few data query plugins have also been included there. Those additional tools will help you to export the data to various databases. You can also write the data directly to the MS Excel files with the help of those plugins. Similarly, this will also help you to write the data to the other files. All these tools have also been added to the Advanced PBX Data Logger Enterprise Edition. And this one includes some data filtering tools also. Among those, Aggregator Plugin will help you to aggregate various data sets. Deadband and expression tools will help you to customize the data very easily.

If you have any question on mind about the Advanced PBX Data Logger discount, please feel free to ask us. Besides, regarding the procedure, simply follow the image instructions and enjoy the coupon on Advanced PBX Data Logger.