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Advanced OPC Data Logger Coupon

Advanced OPC Data Logger Review

The AGGsoftware is one of the best names for providing various types of logger software. All the products of this company are full of important features. And all of those are very much useful too. One of the best and unique creations of this brand is the Advanced OPC Data Logger. Here the OPC stands for OLE for Process Control. In the management and control system, it can offer very much efficient data exchange facility. And this product of AGGsoftware can make a communication between the OPC server and database. You can purchase Advanced OPC Data Logger with the discount coupon. The Advanced OPC Data Logger coupon will make the product much affordable. Let’s have a look at the main features of this product:

Handles Multiple Servers

When you will choose any data logger, the number of devices or server should be considered. There is some product which can work with only one or two servers at a time. But the Advanced OPC Data Logger can handle multiple OPC servers at the same time. For each of those servers, this product can work with various data export settings and connections. It is fact that the OPC servers have various data. That is why, this product supports all types of data. Sometimes, the connection with the server can be broken. In those cases, you don’t have to automatically reconnect to the server. The Advanced OPC Data Logger can automatically reconnect with that. You will get the outputs regularly. All the outputs will be separated by comma and the specific data and time will also be there.

Advanced OPC Data Logger

Data Filtering Option

After getting the data, you may need to filter those in various ways. The Advanced OPC Data Logger will help you to do so. Those data can be filtered and formatted very easily. You can also find out the aggregate of various sets of data. After getting the data, this product can export those to various databases. Some of those databases are Oracle, MySQL, and MS Access. For this feature, you don’t have to spend much time to get the data. Most of the similar products cannot run as service, but one this one can. That is why, it can start its work just after the OS start working. Manual log in and out process in not required in the Advanced OPC Data Logger.

Attractive License Pricing and Discount

The Standard Edition of this software is available for only $130 excluding the discount as per 8 October 2016. Though this product offers all the necessary features, the main drawback is it does not support plugins. But the Professional and Enterprise editions of Advanced OPC Data Logger supports unlimited plugins. For purchasing the Professional Edition, you have to pay $175 only. And the price of the Enterprise License of this product is only 230 USD.

The Professional Edition supports the event and data export plugins. But additionally, the Enterprise Edition also supports the data filter plugins. So all licenses of Advanced OPCDL are very impressive in terms of pricing and features. So, have the coupon on Advanced OPC Data Logger. Hope you have a great time enjoying the Advanced OPC Data Logger discount.