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Advanced Folder Encryption

Advanced Folder Encryption Review

The Kakasoft has achieved huge success by offering some amazing tools for computers. The products of this brand are light in size, but effective for tasks. Among those useful products, the Advanced Folder Encryption is a very popular one. If you want to lock your files and folders very safely, then you can use this utility. So many features of them will help you for doing your locking tasks. The price of it is also very much reasonable. Let’s have a look at the main features and advantage of the tool. Also mentioned Advanced Folder Encryption coupon in the above format, which will provide the promo price. Additional coupon code for this folder locking tool is not mandatory.

Extremely Effective Solution

You can consider this product as extremely effective one. This single product can be used for locking so many things. Like it can be used for encrypting the whole hard drive and for locking a single file the external flash drive or pen drive can also be encrypted by this solution. AES encryption facility of 256 bits has been used for creating the locking program of this product. That is why it can help the users to lock all the essential files and folders with strong passwords. No one without you will be able to access your data by any means. You just have to follow two different steps to lock any targeted content. As the Advanced Folder Encryption is very easy to use, you will enjoy using it.

Advanced Folder Encryption Coupon

Use Separate Passwords

The same computer can be used by different users. And obviously it is not acceptable to use the same password for all the users. The Advanced Folder Encryption will let the users create different passwords for locking the files and folders. Even the same user can create different passwords for protecting different contents. So, all your necessary contents will be highly protected. Though this software will let you lock almost all the folders, it will also let you prevent from locking some. You may know that the system files are loaded to some specific destination. Kakasoft Advanced Folder Encryption will restrict you from locking those particular folders.

Virus Infection Protection

Everybody wants to protect the files and folders from the viruses. Normally an antivirus solution can do such thing. But the Advanced Folder Encryption can also help for this purpose. Suppose you have locked any folder with the help of this product. Then that folder cannot be caused by the virus infection so easily. Even the data theft attempts will not be get success for unlocking that folder to collect the data. That means this product can work against the hacking attempts. It is perfectly compatible with the Windows 7 which is the most popular version of Windows OS. It can also work with the older versions of the same operating system. As of 11 March 11, without coupon code, 2015 the price of this product of Kakasoft is only $39.95.

So having Advanced Folder Encryption coupon will provide price off, no other discount for the folder locker tool is needed.