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Everybody knows about the device drivers. These actually help the computers to get in touch with the respective drivers. That means, you can manage and control the devices with the help of these. But outdated software will not help you efficiently. You can use the Advanced Driver Updater to make those up to date.

Highlights of the Advanced Driver Updater

SystWeak is one of the most popular software companies. Some products of this brand are very much essential. They offer the ADU which is full of features. Every type of computer users can use this software. The important thing is, it is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating system. So it can also understand that it can deal with all types of drivers. Some of the main features and specifications of this product have been discussed below:

Advanced Driver Updater

Update & Backup Drivers

For this type of products, it is very important to know the scanning ability. You will be glad to know that it has very powerful scanning engine which can be operated automatically. Each type of outdated software will detect very easily by this product. The Advanced Driver Updater has the capability to download the latest versions of the outdated items. You may think that you have to install the downloaded software manually. But actually this product will also do that task effectively. All these procedures can be done very easily by some clicks.

Your valuable time will be saved by this product in a higher amount. All the chosen items can be backed by this SystWeak product. You will also get the power to select some of those and create backups for only the selected ones. Advanced Driver Updater can also restore the previous version of any software. So you don’t have to be worried about the incompatibility issues anymore.

Schedule Scanning System

You can predefine the time or date for the scanning task for this software. Then it will follow your routing to scan the whole computer. In some cases you may need to hide some driver software from the scanning process of this product. You can do that by Advanced Driver Updater very easily. That means it will show only the results according to your necessities.

Free vs. Licensed Version

Good news for the computer lovers is the free edition of the Advanced Driver Updater is available. So before buying the license of this, you can use that version for the trial. The regular price of this product is $29.95. But there is more good news. According to 13 May 2015, it can be purchased only $9.95. Not only that, PhotoStudio of SystWeak is included with this product as a package. Advanced Driver Updater can work in both the 32 bit as well as 64bit system.