Advanced Data Import VCL Discount: Receive Exclusive Coupon

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Advanced Data Import VCL

For dealing with databases, we normally use Delphi and C++ Builder. There are some companies which offer some necessary components for these two platforms. EMS Database Management Solutions is one of those companies. It offers some impressive tools, including the Advanced Data Import VCL.

Review of Advanced Data Import VCL

Some tools are there which can make our coding projects very easy. In most of the cases, a programmer writes codes on Delphi or C++ Builder. But in some cases, it can be necessary to import data from other sources. Suppose you have received an email containing TXT files of your desired code. The manual process is to rewrite those on Delphi. But if you have the Advanced Data Import VCL, it will be very easy to import necessary data directly from any source file. Get your important data imported by purchasing with ADIVCL with our discount coupon. The Advanced Data Import VCL coupon is going to be helpful. Here are some main features and facilities of this product:

Data Import Features

Pretty impressive data import features are offered by this product. Advanced Data Import VCL can import necessary data from various types of files. Some of those supported file formats are DOC, XLS, TXT, CSV, and HTML etc. At the design time, it is very important to set different import parameters. This software offers very impressive property editor as well as component editor. For this reason, dealing with various import parameters will be very easy for you. For each type of import, Advanced Data Import VCL offers adjustable parameters.

Very High Productivity

There are some powerful software which can only perform well on speedy computers. But this software is very efficient even on a slow computer. That means, your low quality device will not affect its performance. Like the other products of the same company, Advanced Data Import VCL also has come with a necessary help system and demo application. It is compatible with all the available versions of Delphi and C++ Builder. It offers 100% native code for these platforms. And for offering those, this software does not depend on other tools and library.

ADIVCL Plans, Pricing and Discount

Just like the other products of EMS Database Management Solutions, Advanced Data Import VCL also has different plans. You can purchase this with one year maintenance by paying only $220 excluding the discount as per this post writing time. Here the maintenance period means, you will get free update and customer support during this time. You can also purchase a single license with multiple years of the maintenance facility.

In case of 2 years maintenance facility, the license price is only $308. And you have to pay 374 USD for accessing this solution with 3 years maintenance. Advanced Data Import VCL also has a volume discount offer. If anyone purchases 2-4 license of this, then 10% discount will be there. Similarly, more discount is offered for more number of licenses of this tool.

As a result, please get hold of the component suite with our coupon. We are expecting that the Advanced Data Import VCL discount will meet your demands.