Adonit Amazing Review: Get Pricing for the Stylus Product

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Nowadays people are preferring the tablet PCs instead of the desktops and laptops. These are very much easy to carry and to do various tasks. For taking down the notes and writing some important documents, tablets can be used very easily. These tasks can be done more easily with the help of the digital pens called stylus. There are few companies which are offering these pens as separate products. Adonit is one of those few companies.

Review and Features of Adonit

Adonit offers one of the best stylus products for all devices like iPad, iPhone and android, etc. Let’s have a look at some of the products of this brand:


Mark and Mini

Among different products of this company, Adonit can be considered as the simplest one. You can easily use this one your smartphones. To use this one, there will be no connection required. Even no battery power is required either. That means, it will be ready to get used always. You may think that this stylus may be not stylish. But actually it has the anti-roll design which has given the premium loon to this pen. And you will also feel comfortable while using this. Adonit Mini is another impressive looking and functioning product. This stylus is highly precise on the device screens. For the impressive design of this product, you can easily clip this on and carry this without problem. For the solid aluminum finish, it looks premium and solid.

Bluetooth Stylus Pixel

Adonit Pixel can be considered as the best stylus for the iPads. Unparalleled sensitivity and precision are the two best features of this product. This tool will let you use your iPad just like a paper with its 1.9mm impressive tip. Very useful pressure sensitivity has made this stylus a unique one. This is one of the few styluses which has the palm rejection capability. That is why, you can rest your palm without hesitation while writing. Pixel also supports various shortcut buttons.

Other styluses of Adonit are the Pro, Switch and Dash. Each of these has the clip and tip facilities. Dash is only for the iPhones and iPads. Others are for iOS and Android devices.

Very Attractive Pricing

Each of the products of this company is very much cheaper considering the pricing. For the Adonit Mark, you just have to pay $12.99 as of 21 August 2016. This one can be used on all kinds of iOS and Android devices. For the smartphones, Mini is another great option which has come with added disk tip. To purchase this one, you just have to pay 19.99 USD. Pixel is the Bluetooth Stylus of Adonit. This one is highly recommended for the iPads and iPhones. Compare to the features and facilities, the price of this one is very cheap. It can be purchased with only $79.99. Just similarly, the other stylus or digital pens of this company have come with completely affordable pricing.