Acronis Online Backup Solution Review : Get Amazing Pricing

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As the technology has made our life very advanced and day by day it make our life easier that we can do so many tasks in the quickest time. That is why various types of devices have been created. Unfortunately, it can be seen that so many people use advanced devices, but do not use the advanced backup system.

Acronis Online Backup will provide you very much updated backup experience. No matter you choose the personal plan or business plan of it, your backup data will be protected very strongly. Let’s take a look what are the advantages of Acronis Online Backup.

Save Your Data with Acronis Online Backup

For the computers you use in your home, Acronis offers the famous backup software named the True Image 2015. From the name you can assume that it can create the image backup of the entire system with the help of this software. The whole operating system can be stored by this software as the compressed file.

You can transfer the system of your computer to other computers. You have to choose which cloud storage plan you want to use for storing the backup data to the cloud. Minimum 250 GB to maximum 1 TB space can be chosen. For any backup software, the recovery system should be considered.

Other Features of the Home Solutions

Acronis True Image offers very easy to use recovery system with which you can recover individual files and even the total system in the quickest possible time. When you will recover the system, then there will be no necessity to reinstall the operating system to your computer. As per 05 November 2014, the price of Acronis True Image for PC is only $49.99. Other editions of this product are also available. That means you can purchase this for your Mac, or Both Mac and PC.

Advantage of the Business Solutions

Acronis also offers very advanced backup solutions for the business. The features of the Acronis Backup and Recovery has been mentioned here. You don’t have to create and save the backups of all the files on your small business computers. You can only choose different files and folders to create backup of those with the help of this solution. Very easy to use interface is one of the biggest advantages of this product.

In the case of normal virtual machines, you have to spend so much time to restore your files. But you can do such thing only in minutes by using the Acronis Backup and Recovery Online. It is also suitable for the enterprising facility. The owners of the enterprise edition, will be able to use the virtual machine and server of Acronis to store the data. Acronis Backup for PC can be bought by $89.00 as of 5 November 2014.