Acronis Brand Products Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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No matter what types of computers or mobile phones you use, it is better to use the backup solution for those. But the fact is, all the software companies do not provide such solutions for all types of devices. The Acronis is little different and advanced company so that it offers some effective products. The backup software for the specific types of computers have been offered by this company. Backup solutions for mobile devices and for multiple types of computers are also offered by it. As the products of this company are very much popular, you can rely on them without doubts. Some products of Acronis are:

Various Essential Products of the Acronis Brand

This is a very much versatile system backup software of this company. You can use it not only in your Windows PC but also in the Macs. Unlimited cloud backup is one of the best advantages of this product. So you can protect as many files as you want with it. Normal backup tools cannot create backups perfectly in many cases. But this product has the image creating capability so that it is more efficient than others. Quickness of this software will impress you.

Though this product will store the backup of the entire system, it will let you access individual files. Suppose you have store the system of one PC. That does not mean you can restore that system to that specific PC. You can restore that to any PC you want. Acronis True Image Unlimited will protect the whole system backup from the viruses and from all the other threats. For one computer you can buy this by $99.99 and for three computer its price is $169.99 as per December 3, 2014.

Access Advanced Solution

This is a new solution of the famous Acronis Company. It can be considered as the sharing and sync solution for the enterprise uses. With the help Acronis Access Advanced, you will be able to sync all the business related files at one place. So you and your employees will feel very comfortable to work with your business. This solution supports all types of browsers as well as computers. Even it supports the mobile devices also. The Office documents can be created by its very securely. You can also edit the documents in the safe environment too.

Disk Director 12

The main features of this disk management software of Acronis can be divided into three main categories. If you want to create partitions of the hard disk without losing data, you can take help from this software. The removed data partitions can be restored by this software too. Another huge advantage of this product is it will help you to replace the entire disk very safely. For you single PC, you can buy this by $49.99. Three PC solution of Acronis Disk Director can be purchased by $79.99 only.