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Accurate Printer Monitor Discount

Accurate Printer Monitor Review

No matter what is the type of your office, many computers can be there. With those computers, some printers may also be used. Normally, the number of computers and number of printers are not the same. One or two printers are enough for completing the printing task of 10 computers. So it is important to monitor those printers. At the same time, it is also needed to be monitored that whether the employees are wasting the pages while printing. AGGsoftware provides the Accurate Printer Monitor which will help you to monitor each of the printers of your organization. Enjoy the nice features of Accurate Printer Monitor with the discount coupon. The following features and facilities have made this product very powerful:

Effective Simultaneous Monitoring

There are some software available in the market which can monitor only one or two monitors at a time. But the APM can monitor so many printers simultaneously at a time. And it is not necessary that those devices are the local devices. Some of those can be connected remotely or to the network. You can use the same monitoring options for all the connected printers or use separate setting for different groups. That means, it has the ability to support multiple configurations. Real time monitoring is another very impressive feature of the Accurate Printer Monitor. That means, you don’t have to give any order or make any setting to start monitoring. It will start working whenever necessary. Use our Accurate Printer Monitor coupon and get this smart product at a smarter price.

Accurate Printer Monitor

Create Backups & Reports

Sometimes, you will need to create the log files of all the printing events. The Accurate Printer Monitor will do that task for you. Depending on the date, time and size, this software can also provide the log rotation facility. The program setting backup creation is a good feature of this product. With the help of this software, you can easily check the status of the printer connected to your network. For monitoring the printing activity of any computer, you don’t have to install any client software to that computer. It can save the contents to be printed as PDF file which will be perfect for sending. The Accurate Printer Monitor can send the logs and necessary notifications very efficiently.

Completely Affordable Pricing and Discount

There are two different editions of the Accurate Printer Monitor. One of those is the Enterprise Edition, which is available for only $215 according to this post writing time. Another one is the Corporate Edition, which is more powerful. To purchase that, you have to pay only $300 without including the discount. The main difference between these two is the Enterprise Edition can deal with 20 printers simultaneously. And the other one has the ability to deal with 100 different printers in each server. And both of the edition of Accurate Printer Monitor support unlimited number of print servers. The Corporate Edition offers very impressive scheduled recording facility.

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