8 Degree Themes Discount and Special Coupon in 2017

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8 Degree Themes Discount

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Review of 8 Degree Themes

WordPress themes and plugins are offered by so many companies or providers. But all of the products of those providers are not available. But there are some companies providing some amazing products. So you can select any of the products of those companies without any doubt. The 8 Degree is one of such companies. From there, you can not only find the premium themes, but also some freemiums. And the plugins of this company are also of very good qualities. In this review some of the premium products of this brand have been highlighted. Another highlight of this product is the discount facility that is being offer here. Have the product at a less price with the 8 Degree Themes discount and there is no need of any coupon code in this aspect.

Powerful Premium Themes

Suppose you want to create an online store with tons of features. You can do that with the help of the EightStore Pro. This is a WooCommerce fully responsive one. Just like the other products of this brand, it is compatible with all types of browsers. Zincy Pro is another good quality WordPress theme which can be used for creating business websites. Various types of layouts can be necessary for the business websites. That is why this product offers plenty of layouts. 8 Degree Themes provides the Hamza Pro which is a multi-purpose theme. So you can use this for creating blogs, business sites, online stores or other types of websites.

Some Amazing Plugins

8 Degree Themes is the source of some amazing WordPress plugins. Each of those can be highly recommended. The 8 Degree Availability Calendar is one of those. For showing the booked dates on the websites, this tool can be used very efficiently. It will offer very useful appointment booking system. Another product of this brand is the 8 Degree Coming Soon Page. When your website will be one maintenance mode, this product of 8 Degree Themes can be used. This one help you to add very attractive coming soon page with required date and time. The Notification Bar is another nice tool of this company. This one can be used for showing various types of notifications on the websites.

Plans and Pricing

Price of each products of 8 Degree Themes is 55 USD. Only Zincy Pro is available for 48 USD as per this post writing time. The discount coupon has not been included in these pricing. Instead of purchasing the themes separately, you can get join the club. There are three types of club membership packages. Standard Degree Club is available for $64 per year. It includes a single theme with priority technical support. One year update facility is also included in this. If you want to enjoy all the products, then the Developer Degree Club is suitable. For each year, you have to pay $99 for this one. The important thing is, those can be installed on unlimited domains. The Master Degree Club is offered with all the plugins and themes of 8 Degree Themes. It can be purchased by 199 USD/year. The most interesting thing is, it includes lifetime supports and updates facilities also.

The review of 8 Degree Themes is good and if it seems good to you as well, then please purchase it through our link with the coupon. This 8 Degree Themes discount will both save your money and give you a good product at a cheap price.