Rapidshare Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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Rapidshare is not one of those companies which offer all types of hosting services. This company offers only the web hosting facility. But the web hosting facility of this company is available in different packages. The packages are perfect for the personal website hosting and small business website hosting. This company maintains a good quality of the packages of website hosting. All the features of these packages are same except the size of web space and bandwidth per month.

Rapidshare Web Hosting Review

Rapidshare Company offers so many features with their web hosting service. The web hosting of this company supports different types of software like the PHP, MySQL etc. If you know about the web hosting of the several other companies, then you may know that many of those do not support an unlimited number of domains. But in the case of Rapidshare Web Hosting, you will get the unlimited number of the domain, no matter which package you will buy. Similarly, with all the packages of the web hosting of the Rapidshare brand, the unlimited email accounts can be used. After using the Rapidshare Web Hosting, your website will be free from the spam or infected emails because of the efficient email filter. Rapidshare also offers several types of multimedia tools with the web hosting services. Some of those multimedia tools are the FLV tool, Mplayer etc.

Attractive and Useful Features

Another great tool with the Rapidshare hosting is the file manager tool with which you will be able to manage the number of files of your websites. If you purchase any package of the Rapidshare Web Hosting then you will get different types of web statistics tools. Custom name servers are the attraction of the hosting of this company. It offers very powerful but easy to use cPanel and the interesting thing is you will be able to back up the contents and then restore the contents anytime with the help of that cPanel. The daily backup facility is available with the Rapidshare hosting and to use that facility, you don’t have to pay any extra charge. Even you will be able to backup the contents remotely. The facilities of the servers of Rapidshare are also very impressive. Quad core CPU and 8 GB RAM are the main reason for high efficiency of the Rapidshare servers.

Different Packages of Rapidshare Web Hosting

There are four attractive packages for the Rapidshare Web Hosting. Every package offers different web space and bandwidth than the other packages. The Package-1 is the tiniest package which offers 100 MB space with 1 GB bandwidth per month. On the other hand, Package-10 is the heaviest package which includes 1 GB space with 10 GB bandwidth per month. Other two packages are the Package-2 and Package-5 and these packages consist of 200 MB space + 1 GB bandwidth and 500 MB space + 5 GB bandwidth respectively.