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1ClickWP Discount

Review of the 1ClickWP

It is very important to know about WP because it can help you to create so many websites very easily. And WP sites are very much easy to be controlled. But there are some tools which can be used for handling these sites more efficiently. One of such tools is 1ClickWP. It can be sued for installing WP sites very easily. You can also backup and even clone those sites. And all of these tasks can be completed very quickly. The discount coupon on 1ClickWP will make the product easier for you purchase. So avail the 1ClickWP coupon and enjoy the product at an affordable price. Here are some main features of this amazing tool:

Installation & Backups

Setting up WP sites is not very quick process. And if you want to work with so many sites, that will take more time. In those cases, you can use 1ClickWP. This product will let you do that within a minute. So you don’t have to find out any hosting plan and upload the files. All of these time consuming tasks will be done by this solution very easily. Similarly, backing up websites is also very important. Anytime, any site can be hacked and contents can be theft. In those cases, backup facility will provide everything back very quickly. This tool offers very powerful site backup facility. 1ClickWP is also effective for cloning your website. It can create clones on the same domain as well as new domains.

Easy Theme Installing

1ClickWP is capable of working with all types of themes and plugins. Suppose you have some WP sites and various themes should be installed on those. This product will let you select those and then install those with just one click. Similarly, it can also be used for installing plugins. It can work with any particular site or all the sites you own. 1ClickWP works very safely that every content and settings of sites will be protected. For handing this product more efficiently, training facility may be needed for newbies. That is why, it includes free training option. And support team will also be there to help every customer of this amazing tool.

Multiple Pricing Plans and Discount

Everybody will not need 1ClickWP for same number of sites. That is why, this product has two different options. First one is 5-Site license which is available for $27 as per this post writing time. One the other hand, Unlimited-Site Option is also very much attractive. Cost of this one is just $29 excluding the discount. Both of these are available with 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you visit the site of 1ClickWP, there is written that this pricing can be increased anytime. That means, it is perhaps the best time to purchase this solution. With these licenses, some bonuses will also be offered. One of those is Ultimate Sales Page which is a very powerful WP plugin. It is capable of generating high converting sales pages. Pop Box and Social Locker plugins are also available as bonuses.

So, get the product with 1ClickWP discount and get it at a much affordable price. We believe that the coupon on this one will impress you.