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NovaBackup Coupon

NovaBackup Products & Review

To maintain our modern live, we need to assure the flexible use of the computer system. Without depending on the computer system, we can’t use our needed our personal data and the business related data in a secured way. But due to the attack of the computer threats, the data stored in the PC can be damaged. That’s why; we need to depend on the reliable backup software. NovaBackup is such a dependable platform. This offers a lot of programs with different sections for the main purpose which is a backup. While using the active tools of NovaBackup, the data will be stored in safe mode. To store all the files in the secured mood, you will be provided a huge amount of security systems. So if you like to have the NovaBackup discount, just get the same with above link where no additional coupon code would be required.

Why Users choose NovaBackup

This platform affords the way to protect the critical data with full information. Not only for the personal sector, but also for the professional sector the programs of NovaBackup are allowed. The users can easily configure the programs to manage the backup mood. With the provided tools and the options, you can get the idea to use the program effectively. Moreover, the expert team of the service is always ready to help the users with the flexible way.

The Programs and features

NovaBackup Business Essential: For the business section, this is one of the best programs having a lot of facilities. It can allow the backup mood for the SQL server and the server system. Here, you will get the system to connect with the Drop box, Google Drive, Skydive and the related platforms. Besides, the restoration mood is also allowed for the single mailbox system. With the support of this, you can recover the mailboxes if it is crushed. Moreover, the virtual dashboard option allows the users to control the backup system with full performance.

NovaBackup Server: This package is allowed for the Windows based server section.  Small business based server section can rely on this system which uses Windows based OS. Here, the configuration mood of the package allows the users to store any individual data or full server. Besides, the restoring mood is very flexible with the provided tools. It can work on Windows server of 2012, 2010 and in the previous versions.

NovaBackup Professional: For the Windows based laptops and the workstation, this package is a supportive one. Without the coupon price, if you want to purchase 3Pack, then you need to pay $79.95 at a time. Both the local backup and the online based backup system are provided here. Here, you will observe the fastest restoring system. Under this package, you may apply the scheduling system to backup the data after a fixed amount of time to avoid the data loss.

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