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Regional Programs / Central Asia
ILHR Protests and Calls for Action

Most Recent Protests

On 1 st Anniversary of Andijan, International League for Human Rights Calls on U.S. Government to Impose Targeted Sanctions Against Uzbek Officials 5.12.2006

Uzbekistan: Prison Term for Mother of a Man Who Died in Jail 2.18.04

League Calls for Turkmenistan's Designation as Country of Particular Concern 2.5.04

Kyrgyzstan: Attack on Media Center 2.5.04

Another Sentence to Kyrgyz Opposition Leader 5.8.02

International Human Rights Groups Write to New York Mayor on Occasion of President Karimov's Visit 3.8.02

Member of Kyrgyz Parliament Arrested 1.7.02


Previous Protests

Uzbek Opposition Leader Arrested in Prague 11.29.01

Kulov's Property Confiscated 8.10.01

Uzbek Human Rights Activist Disappears 6.22.01

Eight Alleged Islamists Are Sentenced in Uzbekistan 4.10.01

Pressure on Kyrgyz Press Intensifies 4.10.01

Violent Death of Uzbek Writer 3.18.01

Kyrgyz Human Rights Activist Attacked 3.19.01

Uzbek Writer Ill-Treated in Prison 2.08.01

Continued Pressure on Kazakh Opposition 1.29.01

Felix Kulov Sentenced 1.22.01

Police Unlawfully Search Kyrgyz Defender 4.11.01

Journalist Prosecuted 12.08.00

Felix Kulov Arrested 3.24.00

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