Long Tail Pro Discount 2016, Get 33% Platinum Plan Coupon

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Coupon Details

Get Long Tail Pro Platinum exclusive 33% coupon price for annual plan. To avail the above Long Tail Pro discount, please click on the link above and you will be redirected the special page. Then find the special price link on the page and proceed to cart with 33% off.

The link might look like as per image:

Long Tail Pro Platinum Discount

LTP is a cool sophisticated tool for researching lt keywords that rank high in exclusive search engines like Google. So if you like to search for such keywords, then get above special discount price.

Get Long Tail with Discount Price

Long Tail Pro Discount for Platinum

There are so many different and unique features under the software. Using this software some applications are continuing to develop with the changes of frequently data request handling by the Google. It can give a surety of natural improvements as well as program adjustment.  The Long Tail Pro Platinum can allow the need of contents with the SEO tools. There is also discount coupon price available, so just check the same. The promo applies for both editions.

Details of the Features

The versatile features under Long Tail Pro are:

Keyword research:  the main task of the keyword research is filtered process. Here data are taken from the Google keyword tool and also expands that data. This also can give an indication about the ranking sites. Here fond able keyword can be bookmarked for future use and also can keep them separate tab too.

Competitor Analysis: By competitor analysis one can search for authority at domain as well as the page. One can search for MozRank accessing his mouth account. Here can be shown the top 10 results and can be out mark the other pages. Long Tail Pro also allows us to search for various regional and also with versatile languages.

Rank Checker: By the rank checker desired keywords which are searched by a versatile search engine (like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) can be ranked.

Modified Pricing

The price of the tool is currently $37 for monthly payment and $444 for annual plan But with above Long Tail Pro Platinum discount link, the annual price comes reasonably lower by $147. Just get the same promotion while purchasing the tool.

More Advantage: If you have Long Tail Pro then you don’t have to worry about this problem because this tool can analyze the competitors on the Google results very efficiently. You may know that the professional keyword researcher and SEO workers use various types of powerful tools for finding out the page ranks of the websites. The Long Tail Pro will help you in this task. That means it will show you the rankings given by different search engines for the websites.

How to get the Discount coupon: The details procedure is mentioned above. What you need is to apply the same. No coupon code would be required, the reduced price would be applied automatically.

Long Tail Pro Platinum New

Platinum Package

The platinum package is with extended facilities. In addition, with trial package facilities you can compare keywords with the competitors. It also provides the keyword saving facility. If you want it is very simple importing keyword lists containing about 10000 keywords. This package costs you $444 for yearly or annual plan here in 2016. With the platinum discount, the price comes $147 cheaper. Now choose the best one for you. If any help needed, you contact with customer support. A truly dedicated team is ready to help you all the time.

Characteristics of the Tool

Long Tail Pro gives most effective keywords in seconds. Each of which can reverse the story of poor quantity of visitors into a huge number. It provides not only keywords but also other statistical data regarding concerned keywords. And these data are treated to be valuable in the selection of right keywords. It gives you the facility to research about the competitors- how well ahead or behind they are from you. It ensures overall strategic keyword management to bring a huge amount of traffic.

The Long Tail Pro discount price applies for both pro and platinum edition in 2016. Just get the discount during purchase, it will save exclusive $147. Keep in mind that monthly or annual both are recurring plan. So here mentioned about the coupon for the Long Tail Platinum, just get it if you like to have this tool.

There should be no doubt that, each of the steps of search engine optimization should be done perfectly. Success of the entire campaign depends on the success of the each of those steps. One of the most important sections of the search engine optimization is the keyword research. Nowadays, long tail keywords are more effective than the keywords. Actually long tail keywords are actually those words or phrases which are used by the real people for searching on the internet. There are few tools which are very powerful for researching and analyzing these. The Long Tail Pro Platinum is one of those few tools. So besides discussing about the discounts and promo, the main features and advantages of this software are mentioned:

Very Important Facilities

As a keyword research and analyze tool, Long Tail Pro Platinum is very much advanced. All necessary features have been added into this software. For example, this product can provide you maximum 800 suggestions for each of the seed keywords. More importantly, it can work with various keywords at the same time. For the LT keywords, it is very important to judge the search engine competition. The Long Tail Pro Platinum will do that for Google, Bing and Yahoo. Website ranking for those search engines can also be detected by this software. It will let you save all the favorite keywords.

Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

The Main Advantages

We all know that the Long Tail Pro had achieved huge popularity for the useful features. All the features discussed above are those useful features. That means, those are also added to this Platinum Edition. But this edition also has some additional features. That is why, it is more powerful and efficient. Before choosing any keyword, it is very important to calculate the competitiveness of that. After purchasing this product once, you don’t have to get another tool for this task. Long Tail Pro has the built in tool which will help you to calculate the keyword competitiveness. Long Tail Pro Platinum will also save your time in high rate by importing so many keywords at a time. You can import it 10 thousand keywords at a time.

Multiple Pricing Plans

Considering the demand of various types of customers, two plans of Long Tail Pro Platinum have been supplied. You can enjoy this by monthly payment which is the first option. You don’t have to pay any more fees if purchasing lifetime license. And at the same time, free updates and upgrades will also be provided without any additional cost. Long Tail Pro Platinum is packed with features. And in the recent future, a new feature will be added also. This feature will allow the users to complete various custom calculations for the each keyword results.

For the search engine optimization of any website, keyword research is very important. And for doing this task more efficiently, you have to target some long tail keywords. For the research of this kind of keywords, the Long Tail Pro is the most powerful tool in my consideration. Now the Platinum Plans of the version 3.0 of this tool are available. Both of these plans have similar features and different pricing systems. Enjoy all the features of Long Tail Pro with the discount offer. Here are some main things about this powerful keyword research and competitor analysis software:

Faster Keyword Reasearch

Among various features of the Long Tail Pro, very efficient keyword research is one of the bests. It has the ability to generate 800 different suggestions for one seed keyword. And you will be amazed to know that, to do this task, this tool only need a few seconds. It considered not only single words but also phrases as the seed. That means, you can target the long tail keywords, which are searched by people, to make your campaign more successful.

The Long Tail Pro will help you to know about the competitors. That means, half of the war will be won before even starting. It can analyze the top 10 results on Google for each of the keywords. All the necessary SERP data will also be detected by this effective solution. Besides, our Long Tail Pro coupon made the product very reasonable for you purchase.

long tail keywords

Very Advanced Filtering

Another very important feature of the Long Tail Pro is the real time filtering the keywords. Depending on various terms, you can filter the keywords and get the desired one. For an example, you can filter the keywords based on the local searches. Similarly, those can be filtered depending on the international searches. Sometimes, it can be necessary to add some important info for some of the keywords. In those cases, you can easily add the notes with the help of this powerful tool. And based on the notes, the keywords can be sorted very quickly. Long Tail Pro can provide exportable results so that you can export the data to your clients.

So hope that you like to the discount for Long Tail Pro and make purchase with exclusive coupon offer in 2016, specifically for platinum edition. As mentioned, Avail smart cash back of 15% as Long Tail Pro discount coupon.

And more importantly, the customers of Long Tail Pro will also enjoy the access of Long Tail University without additional cost. Take advantage of our coupon to have this keyword research software. This Long Tail Pro discount is highly expected to make you satisfied.